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Your Sustainable Living Mentors

Let us educate and empower you on how to reduce toxins and your carbon footprint in all areas of your everyday living. We will provide you science-based facts about the products you use in your home, from food to cosmetics, cleaning supplies to carpeting, so that you can make the most effective choices when it comes to creating a greener, more sustainable environment for your family.


Working with us is an enlightening, educational and holistic experience.



We will spend time teaching you what to look for in products, and what to stay away from.  It would be amazing to live 100% toxin-free, but let's be realistic- you will receive immediately actionable, sustainable suggestions for ways to incorporate as many alternative, healthier choices into your home, fridge and furnishings as you're comfortable with...



We will come to your home to go over your current stock of products and practices. We will take a look at your kitchen, cleaning supply area, bathroom, cosmetics and even your home furnishings. Our goal is to identify all the areas where there's a way to green up your environment.  Depending on your goals, we can even take our analysis into the grocery and health sections of a shop!



We leave you with a series of resources for you to make sustained, healthier, non-toxic choices throughout the areas of your home that you've shared with us.  We will happily answer follow up questions you might have.  You will feel equipped with insights on building a healthier environment for your home and family, and in the process, you will be making the planet healthier by reducing your chemical and carbon footprint.

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